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For students of Lights!Camera!Action! (LCA), media goes beyond the red carpet and Facebook friending. Every summer, college women and high school seniors are brought together for a week-long workshop. What joins them is having a keen insight into the industry, an understanding that there’s something going on in movies, tv shows, and video games, besides entertainment.
The women of LCA appreciate creativity, not only as expression, but as a vital economic force, a shaper of culture, and an influential agent for progress.

In a media-saturated world, there’s no place like Westfield Residence in Los Angeles to study and reflect on being and believing.

Join us for a week packed with:

  • Classes and discussions led by industry and academic speakers

  • Field trips

  • Philosophy classes and media studies

  • Every summer presents its own dynamic of questions, discussions, and resolutions.

2018 highlights:

  • Guest speakers: Award winning Actress, Cinematographer, Screen Writer and Creative Director of CBS Television Distribution

  • Workshops: story boarding, photography, and analysis of an episode of Criminal Minds with the writer

  • Field Trips: private tour of Sony Animation Studio

past speakers and Field trips

  • Feature Film Director and Producer

  • Television Actress

  • Music Studio of 8-time Grammy winner

  • Post Production Studios

  • Advertising Agency for Motion Pictures

  • Feature Film Critique with the Screenwriter

  • Documentary Filmmaker

  • Stage Actor

  • Live Song Recording and Mix Session

  • Makeup Artist

  • Opera Production Director

  • Visual Effects and Supervisor

  • TV Show Taping

  • Film Premier at the Los Angeles Film Festival

  • Film Historian/Consultant

  • Cinematographer

  • Animation Voice Actor

  • Panel Discussion about Celebrities and Social Causes

  • Talent Manager

  • Internet Webisode Series Creator

  • Media Professors (UCLA, USC, George Washington University)


what people say....

“I am a Communications major and I realize the responsibility that I have to others around me to be honest and speak the truth.  I hope to be a communicator that meditates before she speaks and is able to shine forth a light on others for the sake of their happiness and joy, not for my own.”  DW

“I went to Lights!Camera!Action! the summer before my senior year in high school.  It was my first real exposure to the entertainment industry.  Visiting and learning about the different departments--behind the scenes of movies, television and major event planning--helped me solidify my choice to go to college for film and video.  Since my time at Lights!Camera!Action! I graduated with a degree in Film and Video and now I’m working as a Production Assistant!.”  KR

“I was skeptical about attending Lights!Camera!Action! precisely because I wasn’t planning on going into media or film.  But what I learned at LCA has been helpful for my own career, for my appreciation of movies and TV…LCA has opened up the world of the Industry to me, so that I have a bit of background and context for understanding the world they come from.”  VB

“Certain media professionals consciously choose to disrespect the dignity of man and justify their work by saying, “It’s entertainment—it’s what the people want.”  I would challenge the accuracy of that statement.  Media should take on difficult and violent subjects but should never deceive a person into thinking their truest desires are satisfied by sex, revenge or recklessness.  The film/TV industry needs to improve the content of the shows it creates by attempting to answer the questions of universal concern to all mankind.  Young people look to media for the answers.” HK


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